Saturday, 11 September 2010

My New Car... at last!

Here it is!!! My new car... yes it's tiny, cute, pretty - all the things I need to get around and about... I fell in love with it last May... ordered it in June... then it had to be built overseas, get shipped to Melbourne ... and finally I picked it up yesterday!

My cute little Ford Fiesta!

So far my little car has been to the gym this morning, and then to the movies this afternoon... it is nice and easy to drive.

There's loads of special features that us girls like, such as cup holders - gotta have those! And voice activated radio stations... you just say what you want and it changes the station! Then there's the readout display that tells you the name of the song and the band - love that!

I'll figure out the rest later!

Treasured Moment: I took my hubby to the movies too and we saw Tomorrow When the War Began... The movie was fantastic... pretty true to the book which is by an Aussie author, John Marsden and yes I have read all his books and love his style of writing. The Aussie scenery is great in the film... really beautiful.


Melissa said...

Ohhh Laaaa laaa Jenny, a very delicious new toy to play with, you lucky girl, it looks gorgeous. Got to love new toys huh? Enjoy!!! Mel x

Penny Hanuszak said...

Fabulous Fiesta (sounds like a stampin up color to me) Jenny!!!! I'm so glad it's come. I've been watching a really neat tv ad for the fiesta and at the very end they show all the colors and yours just rocks! Have fun putting on the miles!