Sunday, 12 September 2010

The 12 Apostles... and Koalas and Whales!

On a recent family weekend trip to Lorne, Ros and Tom set off to the 12 Apostles - a fabulous rock formation off the coast of southern Victoria.

On the way Ros spotted a Koala in the trees... sound asleep. This was Tom's first glimpse of a Koala... EVER!!! How exciting!

Then they spotted whales... lots of them... mums and babies, rolling in the surf.

This is our favourite picture... you can see the spray coming out of the blowhole! How cool!

Treasured Moment: Today Gordon and I worked in the garden... he did all the heavy work and I did the girlie jobs! Just the way I like it!

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Melissa said...

Lovely Jenny, love seeing all your photos of "life". TFS!!!