Wednesday, 25 July 2012

French Foliage Triple Layer Card

I'm still loving the Triple Layer Card ... so here's another version.

I've used the stamp set, French Foliage, which is fun and easy to use. 

I've put two pearls back to back on the end of the linen thread, just like in yesterday's card.

I love the layering - it's just so easy!

And here's the inside - I really like the splodges:

A very simple card to create, once you now how. 

 And of course Australian cards are a different size to USA so here are the measurements I used: 

Cut coloured cardstock 21cm x 14.5 and fold in half to form card

Cut layers as follows:
White 10cm x 14
Colour 8cm x 12
White 7.5cm x 11.5
Colour 5.5cm x 9.5
White 5cm x 9

Instructions:  Loosely put the three white layers together with a tiny bit of snail, add stamps, using a soft, medium and dark colour ink.
Separate the white layers and mount them on the coloured cardstock and voila, you have a card ready to add embellishments as desired.


Michelle said...

Thanks, Jenny. Love the link to the video and that you have shared a couple of samples.

I'm inspired about stamping, again!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!! I Love the triple layer cards, they look amazing. Tricia

Treasure Queen said...

Thank you ladies - it's nice to be back!