Wednesday, 1 August 2012


This month I'm doing a challenge - a photography challenge run by FATMUMSLIM.

FATMUMSLIM runs a great blog that encourages everyone to take photos - lots of them!

Here's a picture of all the prompts for the photos this month:

So for DAY 1, the prompt is OUTSIDE, so I rugged up early this morning and took Jessie for her walk in the long paddock nearby - here's a pic showing the fog:

and here's the picture I took to represent OUTSIDE:


Mark Tullett said...

I love the spider's web photo and am looking forward to see your monthly interpretations of each of the prompts.

Treasure Queen said...

Thanks Mark - it is lots of fun to take photos I wouldn't normally take!

Michelle said...

Beautiful spider web ... Jenny, I admire you rugging up to go outside with such cold mornings!

What a great challenge! Remind us about it, next month, and maybe we can all do it.