Thursday, 9 August 2012


PLAYING CATCHUP - Here's some pics that I've taken for my August challenge - it's not too late to join in - just pop over to the FATMUMSLIM  website for all the details.

Here are Days 3 - 9:

DAY 3 - COIN - all my loose change goes into a box - why?  Just in case I need it for coffee one day!  I've chosen a New Zealand coin - we often find them in our purse as it is the same size as the Aussie 20 cent pieces.

DAY 4 - SEAT - this rock is on our walking path behind my house - the area is known locally as blue rocks as years ago somebody tipped blue paint on the rocks.  The rocks are often used as a seat to rest - though not in summer as there are loads of snakes lurking there!  I was quite pleased to get a pic without the blue paint - but now I expect you'll want another pic WITH the blue paint.

DAY 5 - LOGO - of course I've chosen the Stampin' Up! logo!

DAY 6 - WRITING - I seem to have a passion for French script stamps - here's my favourite at the moment!  Isn't it pretty?

DAY 7 - EIGHT O'CLOCK - when I was little it was so exciting to find one of these, pick it and then blow until all the seeds had flown away - and of course if you blew eight times, that meant it was EIGHT O'CLOCK! 

DAY 8 - GLASSES - didn't bother with a photo for this one as you can see me in the sidebar wearing my glasses! 

DAY 9 - MESSY - my desk is always messy - especially after I've been creating something!  The only time I tidy up is when I'm having a card class at home - which thankfully is about four times a month - so I HAVE to tidy up for that!

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Michelle said...

FABULOUS! Jenny, I always find myself smiling when I read your blog posts ~ thank you.

I did think I'd like to see the blue rocks! LOL.

Also love that you interpreted the daily words differently from what I assumed you'd photograph. Very Cool.