Friday, 7 March 2008


Some time for reading...

I love reading books about the making of movies - I especially loved the wonderful books about the making of the Lord of the Rings movies - somehow reading about the making puts a whole new spin on the actual movie for me, so when I saw another book about the making of Narnia I had to have it, of course it was a bargain at $4 (I have to say I have another book about the making of Narnia which I devoured when the movie first came out nearly 2 years ago), anyway, the sales lady was lovely, chatty, and we talked about what we liked / disliked in the movie, and I mentioned how I loved the books when I was young, but had not read the first one (which was written last). She then told me all about it, and of course I had to buy it (is that upselling?) Anyway, I am now happily reading The Magician's Nephew, at long last, and only 35 years after I read all the others!!!

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Margaret said...

Hi Jenny
Great seeing you today - finally I can add a comment to your blog.

Love reading about your activities & adventures.

See you again next month - I think!