Monday, 20 October 2008


Birthdays come around every year, but Caitlyn's birthday (turning 22!!) this year will be very different - our family birthdays are always celebrated first thing in the morning in the wee hours before work - on our bed! Everyone brings pressies and cards and the birthday person sits on the bed and opens them all up, one by one.

This year is very different because Caitlyn moved out in July, so to celebrate her day we had a family BBQ and of course she was the guest of honour. It was fun and there were pressies - and this very pink card to go with her pink wrapping paper. Here's the inside - the poodle is the wrapping paper!

and so on Wednesday we won't have our big girl on our bed for pressies - the end of an era...

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Beverly said...

Oh Jenny!
My heart was in my mouth. Elizabeth is nearly 19 and luckily for me shows no intentions of moving out yet, but I so understand! Just last night I was watching her in the kitchen and saw a young woman, not my little baby girl.
Time flows too quickly.
Glad you had a great day.