Thursday, 9 October 2008

Last Goodbye... and a Wake

Today is one of life's very sad days... amidst many tears, we said goodbye to our faithful old dog, Zac - best friend to all of us, me, Gordon, Caitlyn, Roslyn, and best friend to our dog Jessie too. Here's a photo from this morning:

We bought Zac in early 2004 - the girls were 5 and 7 then and wanted to call him "Blackie", but finally settled on Zachary Tigger Adams! Zac for short. Ros was wearing furry pants when we picked him up so he snuggled into those pants for days, like they were his mum! He was a typical Labrador - friendly to everyone.

What happened? Well, old age and arthritis have been problems for some time, so injections and pills have been great. He has not been able to see well or hear at all for a few weeks, but yesterday a small foot injury meant Zac was trying to limp around but the good leg was not strong enough to hold him up, and he was continually collapsing and wondering what was going on.

So we got some really good pain killers for the night, he had a great sleep, lots of snoring, a good morning, favourite food, walk (hop) around the garden in the fresh air and sunshine.

Here's a photo of Dr Sammi in our garden giving Zac a lovely rub on the tummy - a few minutes later she and Nurse Sarah made sure Zac's death was quiet, quick and painless. What more could we hope for?

So tonight we have had a special family dinner together - me, Gordon, Cait and Ros - with a fair bit of reminiscing - just the way a wake should be! A celebration.


Beverly said...

Jenny, I so share in your sadness in the passing of your wonderful Zac. Thank you for sharing these beautiful last moments that you had with him. The sadness is evident, but so is the love and beauty of his life.

Michelle said...

I am Very Glad that we could have a cuppa this morning and be together while you are in this sad period. Fabulous photo of Zac ...

Anonymous said...

Oh how sad!

Zachary Tigger Adams may you rest in Peace in Doggy Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, my thoughts are with you and your family on the passing of Zac...I know just how you are feeling and the hurt will go away as you have fond memories of your beloved 'friend'... He was so lucky to have a family who loved him so much...Take care and always relive those happy times with your 'Zac'.