Friday, 3 October 2008

October - a month of pampering and indulgence!

One of the Creative Memories small photo albums I loved doing was A Month in the Life of Me where I took a photo a day and wrote about my everyday life.

I had photos of my house, my family, my garden, the fridge, the stove, the bookshelf, the street I drive along most days etc. It turned out to be one of my favourite albums... imagine how cool it would be to see a similar photo album from my grandmother's days, to see her daily "stuff" and read about her life.

So it's time for another small Creative Memories album and it will be A Month of Pampering and Indulgence in October.

It will be full of photos and writing about lots of little things I do to pamper and indulge myself - and we are usually last on that list aren't we, but not this month.

So here is the list so far:

1 October - I spent the entire day stamping and chatting with my lovely friends Bernie, Elaine and Tricia and we sat outside in the sunshine for lunch - pure indulgence!

2 October - I bought my favourite bag of lollies - Sherbet Lemons - and plan to indulge over the next few days on every single one! (I first saw these lollies many years ago when I was little at my grandparents' but didn't like them then!)

3 October - Today I have two indulgences - the first a big lunch with my family to celebrate some birthdays - my little sisters Linda and Christine, and my second indulgence is to go away on a scrapbooking weekend - it will be heaps of fun and I'll get lots of pages scrapped - of course, I will be sitting with a table of lovely friends as well - the ultimate indulgence.

4 October - I can do this one in advance - it will be a delicious dinner at the York on Lilydale hotel with my scrapbooking friends - I already know I will have the Chicken Parma - which I remember fondly from last time - it is so soft and yummy - best I've ever had!

5 October - this too I can do in advance because I always come home from a weekend away and immediately crash for a nap and when I wake up my darling husband puts tea in front of me - then he admires my pages completed over the weekend - I love that part.

So, the challenge is, who would like to join me in this pampering and indulgence month of October?

See you after the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend away. I'm sure you will be pampered & indulged there.

Have Fun!

Beverly said...

Enjoy your wonderful weekend away scrapbooking. I am so envious. I love your idea of a month of pampering and indulgence. I have also taken lots of photos for the 'month in the life of me' album, but have not got around to doing it yet. I am looking forward to it. I am sure you will look back in years to come and remember so much about both of these special times.