Saturday, 25 October 2008

More Mother and Daughter - next generation

Last week Caitlyn came to visit (yay! I am secretly excited every time she comes back to the nest to visit) and she wanted to make some Christmas cards - we had a great afternoon playing with paper! Here's one of her creations:


Beverly said...

Jenny, I so understand. I cannot even begin to think how I will cope when my fledglings leave the nest. The cards are beautiful as our your thoughts about your Mum and daughter.

Mary said...

Hi Jenny,
I've just popped by your blog after receiving your lovely e-mail thankyou for the card swap at the Regional Training day on Saturday. Today I did 'show and tell' with my mum (who was visiting from the country) of all the lovely swaps I came home with. I have added your blog to my favourites list...your cards are devine! Oh, and thankyou for the lovely swap you gave me!