Friday, 21 November 2008

Good News Bad News

Okay, so bad news first, I have been a bad blogger - not sharing anything much for ages - I have been busy and have not made time for blogging - Gordon has been on holidays and we have been hanging out together - him at one end of the house (flying on the computer) and me at the other end (making cards etc.).

The good news is that this weekend is our Wedding Anniversary - 30 years! So we are off to Brisbane this morning for a five star treat. I am planning long walks, taking photos, etc. and Gordon wants to show me the river and the bridge (he's been a few times with work).

Looking forward to sharing more when I return on Wednesday.


Michelle said...

Looking forward to hearing all about Brisbane, Jenny!

Sharee said...

Happy Anniversary Jenny! Hope it doesn't rain too much in Brisbane and you get lots of lovely walks in the sun.