Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Just back from Beautiful Brisbane!

And what a gorgeous city Brisbane is, nestled into a huge river - there had been storms just before our arrival so the river was a sight to see - logs and debris of all shapes and sizes - rubbish, plants, branches - everything was making its way along the river - there was a barge full of workmen with a crane pickup up some of the mess - there was so much flotsam (or is it jetsam) on the river that the catamarans that take commuters were all cancelled!!

However we walked along the river in the beautiful weather... on the second day we walked about 8 km - through the streets, shops, stopping for morning tea, lunch, some more walking through the botanic gardens, over a bridge, along Southbank, stopping for afternoon tea and then on to the museum, the art gallery, then over another bridge.

Here is a picture of a beautiful old building with a fascinating piece of sculpture in front - and yes, it is made up of little vegetable baskets - just like my mum used to put the peas and carrots in to cook on the stove in the saucepan!

Amazingly, the building houses the Casino - we walked through and it is a lovely building, the interior is a bit like the old exhibition buildings in Carlton, very ornate and nicely done up. They are not allowed to advertise the casino at all so there are no signs anywhere to tell you where it is. Anyway we are more interested in the food and they had a marvellous restaurant!

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Love your Pixie photo :) You are a very brave woman ! Dana