Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Happy Birthday Gordon

Today is my darling husband Gordon's birthday! He's 55! And above is the card I made for him ... it's always hard to do a 'boy' card 'cos I love all the pretty things... anyway he liked it when I told him red was for passion!!
We had presents last night around the dinner table whilst enjoying his favourite take away food... the wonderful Noble House Chinese! We are so lucky to have that place round the corner.
And today we have the house to ourselves - yes - Tom is at work, Cait is at work and Ros is attending her very first day of full time work! Hooray... she finished school last November and has been searching for a job in Advertising ... and now she has one... she is very excited it comes with free FOXTEL (cable tv) with all the channels. Good Luck Ros!
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