Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Our Japanese Daughter

Our lovely Japanese daughter sent us this photo last night... her name is Akina and she stayed with us for a couple of years to study English at Eltham College and learn about what an Aussie family is like... in this photo she is with her family... she is at the back on the right, with her sisters, brother in law and niece and nephew on the mat with her mum and dad... her dad is turning 60 so he has to wear a red vest, hat and fan ... I love all their rituals... my children were always amazed that in Japan they have Children's Day and always wanted to have that here in Australia!
So a big hello to Akina! And good luck with the Bubble game, Akina, I cannot get it out but my friend Tricia has got it out, so it can be done!
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Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo!
Ryan was telling me that he learnt about 'Children's Day' recently in his Japanese class at school. They had a small celebration in honour of the day.
Yes i have got Bubble Shooter out quite a number of times now. Just keep trying and be patient. Tricia

Michelle said...

I was intrigued about the red outfit ... what a great ritual.

I found Bubble Shooter terribly addictive and had to run away from it! LOL.

Treasure Queen said...

I'm addicted to Bubble too... have to limit myself... like I can do that!!