Tuesday, 12 May 2009

A Massage and a Lizard

What a day I had yesterday... first I went to Curves and Coffee, then the usual chores to organise dinner (Ginger Chicken and Chocolate Pudding... to be cooked later by Tom).
Then I went off to my massage... this was an amazing remedial soft tissue massage with the lovely Judy at her house in the bush... she has a great view of the bush from her massage table... and she pushed and prodded and ploughed her elbows through the tough muscles in my back... hopefully with this new approach the pain I have had since Feb will now go away...
I learned about muscles and trigger points...had cupping to draw away the toxins and improve the blood flow etc etc. Now I feel like I've been trodden on in a stampede! That's gotta be good, right?
I came home thinking ... thank goodness I've found someone who actually understands the pain I have, where it's from, why it's there, etc. and can do something about it! Yay! And when this is under control I plan to go back for the relaxation massage... I think I deserve it!
Now here's the really exciting part of my day... I love creatures of all different kinds and in my back yard sunning himself by the pond I found a fabulous Blue Tongued Lizard... we have these quite often but they run really fast, but this beauty was happy for me to look carefully, run for the camera, and take some photos! Isn't he gorgeous? After a bit he ran into his home and I was sorry to have disturbed him.
And what does it mean when a Blue Tongued Lizard comes into your life? It means you are being advised to take serious note of what your dreams / daydreams.
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful massage Jenny, I am slightly green with envy! I love cupping even if it does leave some magnificent bruises.

Michelle said...

So, I am now wondering what you are dreaming about, Jenny!

Treasure Queen said...

I am wondering about my dreams too! There are so many I might write them in my new journal...