Wednesday, 29 July 2009

My birthday - a year younger!! AND my Psychic Ability

I had a birthday yesterday... and as a bonus I found out I am a year younger!!! How? I thought I was turning 53 but guess what!! I only turned 52... How good is that?

My great day started the night before... we had presents with my family which involved chocolate, flowers, perfume, more chocolate etc. ...

then Gordon took the day off to help me celebrate...

but I said sorry darling, I will be out all day,

he said that's okay, so off I went to Morning Tea with lovely Michelle, then scrapbooking all day with friend Bernie,

then home to watch lots of Lost episodes with Tom whilst snacking on Jaffas!

A Perfect Day.

Meanwhile Gordon cooked up a fabulous meal of Rack of Lamb Gordon Ramsay style!!! It was fantastic... all those nights watching Master Chef and Gordon Ramsay have turned us into gourmet cooking afficionados!!

It was delicious.. and then he said there's something special to have with coffee.

This is the weird bit.

I immediately got a picture in my head of Italian Cannolis. Now Gordon has never bought Italian Cannolis at the cake shop but I said... Oh you've got Italian Cannolis!!!

He said What makes you say that?

I said I don't know, you've never bought them but that's the picture in my head.

I walked over to the fridge and picked up a white paper bag... It felt like there might be eclairs or vanilla slices in there - much more like his selection...

but guess what!!!

There were 5 delicious Italian Cannolis in there!!!

Gordon, Tom and I looked at each other!!! Ros wasn't home yet... Cait had gone on a date...

so what do you think of my new psychic ability... I think it was aided by the glass of red wine I had.

Actually it's not a new ability but it's not usually quite so accurate!! I did guess correctly one night watching Master Chef exactly the dish under the silver salvers but hubby teased me and said I had a glimpse of it the night before!! I quite like my ability. I must practise more.


sandra andrews said...

Happy birthday Jenny, you psychic goddess. Was another lovely day at Bernies scrapbooking complete with yummy birthday cake!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Not often the years roll backwards my dear swap sister, but you got lucky! How exciting. I can tell Gordon was out to spoil you with that rack of lamb and the cannolis. What a wonderful birthday!

Michelle said...

Woo Hoo! Love the 'Psychic Goddess' label ... maybe you need to start running workshops with ME, Jenny!

Loved catching up with you for morning tea ...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday.
I am glad you were spoilt!
Tricia xx

Treasure Queen said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments friends!