Saturday, 22 August 2009

Secret Sister Happy Mail & Garage Sale & Funeral

This week has had some highlights -

First there was a BIG garage sale at mum and dad's house - in preparation for moving day - less stuff to move - it was a fabulous day, long and tiring but full of fun and we met some great people - locals and neighbours and people who love to look through stuff being decluttered!

On Monday we went to a lovely funeral - this was a beautiful lady - in her nineties - who had 9 children, 16 grandchildren and loads of great grandchildren - she's the mum of a friend and because we've all know each other so long - over 30 years, we also know all the children and grandchildren! So her funeral was a lovely celebration of her life, her story, what she meant to everyone, and even some funny anecdotes from the grandchildren - all in all a lovely funeral.

And then Happy Mail arrived this week from my lovely Secret Sister! Here's a pic of what she sent me:

First, gorgeous card using pretty paper Parisian Breeze:

Second a fabulous pull out card containing Kit Kat - one of my faves!

Thank you Secret Sister - can't wait for the big reveal where we all find out who we are!!


Sylvia said...

So Glad the garage sale was a Hit!! As sad as it is to loose someone we love, it is just as wonderful to celebrate the life of a special person who was once in our lives, and leaves us with fond memories that will never to be forgotten. A truly mixed up week for you Jenny, Joy and Sadness, a lot like my own week. Take care!!

Michelle said...

What an amazing week, Jenny! Thanks for sharing the JOY.