Sunday, 23 August 2009

I Wish Simply Scrappin' Kit

I had the most wonderful day out on Wednesday - over at my friend Barb's house - with Kelly, Elaine, Tricia and Bernie and me!

Now I was excited to see Barb's house because she is the only person I know that went to see a display home and liked it so much she bought it - yep the display home, the actual home - she couldn't move in until it was displayed for another year but she got exactly what she saw! And yes it is gorgeous - big, spacious, beautifully decorated, great finishes etc.

We were there for a lovely day of sharing food, friendship and stamping and making cards.

We made up some very cute little Xmas Cards that we will use to attach to gifts - here's a pic of one:

We used the gorgeous I Wish Simply Scrappin' Kit from Stampin' Up! We pre-cut the card into 4" x 8" strips, cut the pretty paper into 2" x 4" strips, and the long stickers into 4" strips, stuck them all together and added some pretty bits and ovals and scallops etc. It was easy and fun.

Then we made a cute Xmas Planner from a sheet of 12" x 12" - scored at 3", 6", 9" along one side and 3" along the other side - you'll see what I mean when you see this pic:

Then we decorated with the pretty paper in the kit and added some lists - we will carry this list in our handbags so we can jot down 'stuff' regarding Xmas - food, gifts, cards, jobs, ideas etc.

The front is decorated too and wrapped with a 'belly band' to hold it all together.


Michelle said...

Gorgeous, Jenny! I am inspired by that Kit now. :)

Treasure Queen said...

Michelle, it's a great kit - the stickers are gorgeous!!! And we miss you at stamp camp - wanna come along one day when you're free?

Debra Keane said...

Jenny I love this planner. What a great idea. Love your blog too!