Sunday, 6 September 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...

Above is a pic of my lovely husband having dinner with me and Cait and Ros & Tom... lovely take away Chinese from our favourite restaurant... followed by Chocolate Ripple Cake for dessert!

We had dinner with my dad last night, spending time catching up with all the extended family... there's lots of news at present - mum and dad are moving house after 53 years!!!

My nieces had lots of news - Rebecca broke her arm... again!! This time roller blading. Emily has a knee condition that will be OK in two months and Madeline kept us all entertained with her dancing and prancing. She even got me up doing a Bob the Builder song, Big Fish Little Fish. I might be sorry about that as my sister video taped it!!!

I spoke to dad during the week, and he said, you know how we're moving house next week, do you want that framed tapestry that's in the dining room? We have nowhere to put it in the new house.

Immediately I thought, oh the gorgeous old tapestry of Queen Victoria that used to hang in Grandma's house, yep, colours would suit my lounge perfectly, lovely olde worlde frame, great. Yes I said.

So last night I picked it up, but wait for it. It's the OTHER tapestry, Queen Victoria went to my cousin years ago, and mum and dad have the OTHER tapestry, it's still beautifully done, about a hundred years old, lovely frame, but very different to what I thought it was. I still love it, but it's not the one in my head!

And here are some Father's Day goodies I made my dad: a card, a gift card holder (for a Bunnings Voucher) and a bottle topper for a great bottle of red!

The bottle topper is copied from a bottle topper sent to me from my Canadian stamping 'sister' PENNY - thanks Penny and I have popped a bookmark into the little pocket!


Penny Hanuszak said...

What a wonderful story. Absolutely love the Father's day set you made and especially the bottle topper (blush)LOL! You are so talented. Our Father's Day in Canada is celebrated the third Sunday in June usually around the 19th, and Mother's day is in May. We are celebrating our Labor day weekend this weekend...... always the first weekend in September.

Michelle said...

Stunning, Jenny! I am inspired - again! - and especially love the bottle topper.

Looking forward to seeing your 'new' tapestry!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny Thanks for stopping by my Blog love your Father's day set you have made.
See you in Melb soon
Happy Stamping Teresa

Anonymous said...

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